lunedì 13 aprile 2009

Parco nazionale del Cilento_Eifel National Park

Cilento National Park was founded in 1991. It is locatd between Paestum and Gulf of Policastro, in the central and southern part of the Province of Salerno. Very important tourist area and Unesco World Heritage Site (1998). The most important places are: the greek city of Paestum, the Greek Roman city of Velia and the Certosa of Padula, a large famous Chartusian monastery and it is the second largest Chartreuse in Italy after the one in Parma. The monastery has the biggest cloister in the world at 12,000 m².

The National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano is a place in the world that you must experience at least once in your life, where mountains join the sea, nature meets up with history, beautiful landscapes mix with the fragrant smell of wild plants, and people come together to enjoy the incredible food and wine of these parts. This region is a part of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, in Southern Italy. After you arrive here you will wish to have discovered it much sooner. If you are looking for something really different and to experience Italy off the beaten path, come and discover this place that is truly to come and see.

National Park Eifel (Let nature be nature) was founded in 2004. It is located 65 kilometres south-west Cologne and 50 kilometres southeast of Aachen. It draws a huge number of tourists throughout the year. It covers an area of about 107 square kilometres.

The Eifel National Park, Germany is one of the most popular national parks here. It features water and woods and extends to the visitors a fascinating experience in the lap of nature.

The Eifel National Park, Germany, with the motto "Let nature be nature" features nature's beauty and diversity at the same time. Located 65 kilometers south-west of Cologne and 50 kilometers southeast of Aachen, this national park draws a huge number of tourists and local people throughout the year. Covering an area about 107 square kilometers, the Eifel National Park was established on the 1st of January 2004 and is the 14th National Park in Germany. Dive deep into the beauties of nature in this park with the rushing streams and the yellow daffodils in the southern areas during spring. The Northern part of Eifel National Park is charecterised by large areas of deciduous forests with deep reaching river valleys. This national park is home to 230 endangered animal and plant species.

You will find nearly 1.300 beetle species. Red deer, wild cats, beavers, black storchs, eagle owls and even wall - lizzards consists of the fauna of the Eifel National Park. The flora mainly comprises the Yellow Daffodils, which create a yellow carpet of flowers here. Have a great time while you have bird's eye view over three water reservoirs of the Eifel region or relax while hiking through romantic stream valleys and amazing beech forests. The Eifel National Park is a hot spot for the hikers. This national park extends unique hikes and numerous activities for all ages. The three information centers Gates, in Schleiden-Gemuend, Simmerath-Rurberg and in the train station of Heimbach present fascinating exhibitions mixed with comprehensive tourist information. The Eifel National Park, Germany is a must visit for the tourists. You will really miss out something if you can't make your visit to this celebrated national park in Germany.